Creator: GaMeVoLt & MoneyMike96
Details: 4 Attires (Download Only)
Console: Playstation 3
Views: 16595
Date Added: 24th November 2013

Download Information
This creation is available to download from the PlayStation Network via Community Creations using the search tags shown below:

Search Tags: Gamevolt, Goldust

This creation can be downloaded from Community Creations by searching for the search tags shown above or by viewing content by GaMeVoLt.
Can anybody upload the CAS file ?
can someone re-upload it? i can\'t find it on community creations
I can\'t find it in the Community Creations. Can anyone please help?
i can\'t find it on community creations D:
great caw plz give us the formula thxs
How did I miss this!? Very nice work!
where do i download from? can you help please thank you
I love it, although im not gonna lie, the costume textures look a little grainy, but overall, a pretty solid Goldust
hey guys, i know how to get goldust\'s wig for the caw of many goldusts. 1. go to headgear 2. go to hats 3.find tazz\'s towel (it\'s black) 4. make the towel a blonde color and there you go. you got a goldust with his wig on during his entrance. (you\'re welcome.-Damian Sandow.)
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