Curtis Axel
Creator: GaMeVoLt, Big Pete & TheHippopotamus
Details: 4 Attires (Download Only)
Console: Playstation 3
Views: 12146
Date Added: 2nd June 2013

Download Information
This creation is available to download from the PlayStation Network via Community Creations using the search tags shown below:

Search Tags: Gamevolt, Curtis Axel

This creation can be downloaded from Community Creations by searching for the search tags shown above or by viewing content by GaMeVoLt.
how can you get 4th attire on xbox 360 pall
can u make the usos

a formula is
the newest paul haymen guy
This Axel looks AWESOME! 10/10 I just think he doesn't deserve the hype. He's...OKAY...but I don't think he can Main Event PPV's. But let's see...Once I don't liked Daniel Bryan, so I'll just wait :D
Better than the Xbox one :/
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