Curtis Axel
Creator: WhatsTheStatus & SuperSauldier
Details: 3 Attires + Video Formula
Console: Xbox 360
Views: 22145
Date Added: 21st May 2013

Download Information
This creation is available to download from Xbox Live via Community Creations using the search tags shown below:

Search Tags: Curtis Axel

This creation can be downloaded from Community Creations by searching for the search tags shown above or by viewing content by WhatsTheStatus.

Video Formula:

It\'s/........Awesome :)
nice job 10/10
Anyone elses game go to slow motion mode during post match replays when using custom enterance music?
and what is it called
How do they do the pose thing
soz bout mistakes
he is obviously michal magiacutty
i would like to know what the heck was changed in this caw ?
His signature is not the mcgillicutter it's the Saito Suplex.I just changed the name of my one and made the entrance 100 % right. You have to work on the entrance. But without that the caw is awesome I think I can add as second attire his light blue tights with the same design but with white color and will have 4 attires ... The hair is perfect the face the body But you can add on the body from the right side under his navel his scar... AWESOME JOB 10/10
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