Iron Man
Creator: Guardian
Details: 4 Attires
Console: Playstation 3
Views: 12236
Date Added: 23rd November 2012

Download Information
This creation is available to download from the PlayStation Network via Community Creations using the search tags shown below:

Search Tags: Iron, Marvel, Avengers

4 Attires: Mk 3, Suitcase Suit, Tony, & Mk 2

Formula available on PS3.

Search Tags: Iron, Marvel, Avengers.

4 attires + moves + entrance.
hey dude this is awesome really like it . any chance you could post a vid on how u made this please i would really like to make it and i cant find a video anywhere and i have an xbox 360 so i cant download via the psn
Why would u make him its cool
Yeah... Guardian here. Sorry for anyone who wants this CAW (or the hugely upgraded Briefcase Suit in my update yesterday), but THQ have deleted it off the servers. That's right. I think it was averaging 4.8 as a rating with the adjustments and had been downloaded nearly 200 times, but hey, that's just two days work gone. They've also delted my Sandman, Rhino and a couple of other misc CAWs. So forget that. I had to reinstall WWE 13 because of a PS3 problem, but I figured at least my work was on the servers. Wrong. I get them deleting stuff with no downloads - but an upgrade? After a day? That was my last upload and you can take that to the bank.
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