Hulk Hogan
Creator: TheBeastBomb
Details: Only Head
Console: Xbox 360
Views: 5938
Date Added: 29th January 2012

Skin: Texture&Color: 7/3rd/4
Age: 58
Eye Type:1/ x:114;y:197 130
Lashes: Standard
Brows: 29/ x:17;y:126 75
Head :30,20,10
Brows :-50,100,50,0
Eyes :100,-100,0,-20,0,-50,-40
Nose :80,8,-100,40,-40,30,50,30
Cheeks :-50,-30,10,50
Mouth :100,-100,50,40,50,0,-40
Jaw :-30,70,80,-20,-20,-70
Ears :-10,-100,-100,-100
Style: 40/40,185,255 Length:-30
-Facial Hair:-
Mustache 1: 10/40,185,230
Mustache 2: 12/40,185,230
if anybody has ideas to make my CAW better would I be happy^^
So sorry that the pictures can't load. But if you click with an right click on the picture you can copy the graphic address and if you insert it (http://....), you can load the piture(s)
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