Creator: Connor Purnell
Console: Xbox 360
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Date Added: 8th December 2012

The superman symbol is up to you on how good it looks.

I know many of the caw's here are up for download. However I'm making this Supermna formula for those who arn't on xbox live. Anything I don't mention is default.

Anything I say is red is: 0,0 SHADE 225
Anything I say is blue is: 153,0 SHADE 220

Hair 22-Black
Eyes 1-Light blue
Body size-2
Boots 2-red
Tights 7-colour 1-blue, colour 2-red
Top 6 version 2-blue
Arm band 3-blue
Jacket 37 version 3-red
WHY SUPERMAN !!!!!!!!!!
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