Creator: JokerbeatsBats
Console: Playstation 3
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Date Added: 11th June 2012

Here is a more accurate looking CAW of Matt Borne as Doink in his debut attire and his more recognizable attire.
Usually he doesn't wear gloves when making his entrance, but sometimes during promos and when he first appeared on TV simply as "The Clown" he wore them all the time.

I could have simply gone with the Doink makeup they have in the game, which is usually what most people do. Most people would also just wing Doink and not spend enough time on him... or at least that's what I saw on YouTube.

I made it a point to make my Doink CAW look as accurate as possible, even if it meant creating his clown makeup in Paint Tool, as well as the other designs needed for his outfit.

He's up on Community Creations for Download.

PSN ID: JokerbeatsBats
Could you please put up the formula for this Doink. It is the best Doink caw that I have ever seen. And I do not have xbox live to download caws. Thanks
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