Creator: HotavioH
Details: 4 Attires + Video Formula
Console: Xbox 360
Views: 43240
Date Added: 30th April 2012

Download Information
This creation is available to download from Xbox Live via Community Creations using the search tags shown below:

Search Tags: Ryback, Sheffield, HotavioH


- Status (For Uploading the Caw)
- Kidsampson (For PT File Fix)

PS: .The face has some changes in Eyes area, and the singlet was changed (And with blur glitch).
.Maybe after I\'ll get some New Screenshots

Attire 1: Ryback New Outfit
Attire 2: Skip Sheffield\'s Nexus Era Gorilla Logo
Attire 3: Skip Sheffield\'s Nexus Era \"S in a Circle\" Logo
Attire 4: Skip Sheffield\'s Orange Trunks NXT Era

Video Formula:

Formula please!!! the server is dead
i whant to know how to make the designee on his suit
feed him more,Feed Him More,FEED HIM MORE!!!
Great you must feed him more
http://www.cheatcc.com/ps3/wwe12cheatscodes.html check it out its all entrance so you dont have do find out and all moveset based on wrestler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What trunks are used on the last 3
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