Creator: Jason Stevens
Console: N/A
Views: 12377
Date Added: 30th April 2012

Go to Auto Setting and choose the #17 Preset Move-Set. Then just change:

-Normal Ring In 1
-Handstand Ring Out

-Powerful 4
-Powerful 2
-Powerful 2

Diving Attacks vs. Standing Opponents
-Diving Spear
-Diving Clothesline 1

Running Strikes
-Clothesline 3
-Shoulder Block 2 or 3

Wake-Up Taunt

Signatures (Choose 2)
-Back Suplex Side Slam 2
-Ankle Lock 1
-Belly To Belly 1
-Big Boot 3
-Sidewalk Slam 3
-Firemans Carry Slam 1
-Powerslam 1 or 4
-Full Nelson Slam 2
-SuperKick 2

-Suplex Hammer
-Spear 2 check it out its all entrance so you dont have do find out and all moveset based on wrestler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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