Sid Vicious
Creator: Graham Balls
Details: WCW
Console: N/A
Views: 3747
Date Added: 30th April 2012

*Standard Actions*

-Over The Rope In
-Over The Rope Out

Apron Ring-In/Out:
-Over the rope in 2
-Over the rope out

Apron Ringside-In/Out:
-Heavy on the Apron
-Normal Apron Out 1

-Raise Arm 3
-Celtic Bruiser
-Raise Arm 3
-Celtic Bruiser


Strike Attacks:
-Cena Punch 1
-Gut Kick 1
-Body Punch
-Backhand Chop
-Triple H Punch 5

Strike Combination:
-Cena Punch 1
-Backhand Chop
-Triple H Punch 4

Strong Strikes:
-Clothesline 12
-Big Boot 5

Kick Reversal:
-Clothesline Reversal 2
-Take Down Reversal
-Single Leg Boston Crab
-Shove Back Reversal

Chain Grapple > Front Facelock:
-Elbow Smash 1
-Abdominal Stretch
-Scoop Powerslam
-Backbreaker Drop 6
-Double Axe Handle Combo
-Sidewalk Slam 3

Chain Grapple > Side Headlock:
-Punch to Head 1
-Sleeper Hold 1
-Suplex 4
-Military Drop Gutbuster
-Hammer and Sickle
-Scoop Slam 1

Chain Grapple > Wrist Lock:
-Elbow Smash 2
-Torture Rack
-Front Neck Lock Knee Lift
-Reverse Atomic Drop 2
-Short-Arm Clotheslines 1
-The Verdict

Chain Grapple > Waist Lock:
-Elbow Smash 4
-Cobra Clutch
-Back Suplex 4
-Atomic Drop
-Rear Headbutt
-Russian Leg Sweep 1

Groggy Grapple > Groggy Grapple:
-Military Press Drop
-DDT 1
-Fallaway Slam 2
-Stalling Suplex

Groggy Grapple > Groggy Grapple from Behind:
-Belly to Back
-Cobra Clutch Backbreaker
-Electric Chair Drop
-Back Suplex 4

Groggy Grapple > Breaking Point Submissions:
-Full Nelson


Strike Attacks:
Undertaker Stomp
Elbow Drop 2

Grapple Moves Facing Up:
Elbow Stomp
Down Body Splash
Belly Stomp

Grapple Moves Facing Down:
Elbow Drop 6
Right Hand Hook
Knee Slam

Submission Grapple:
Surfboard Stretch
Camel Clutch
Single Leg Boston Crab

*Strike Attacks*

Corner Groggy:
Knife Edge Chop 4
Overhand Punch 2
Player's Boot 2
Clothesline 14
Stomping 3
Running Knee Strike 1

Top Rope:
Punch to Head 2
Big Boot 1

Tree of Woe:
Kick to Gut
Dropkick 6

Grapple Moves:
Snake Eyes 1
Shoulder Block 5

Grapple from Behind:
Toss into Ring Post
Head Slam

Top Rope Grapple:
Super Chokeslam

Top Rope Grapple Behind:
Back Superplex
Back Superplex

Seated Corner Grapple:
Foot Choke 1

Tree of Woe Grapple:
Foot Choke 2

Running Top Rope Grapple:
Deadly Drive


Groggy Against Ropes:


Strike Attacks:
Right Jab
Axe Handle to Ringside
Apron Big Boot

Hotshot 1
Apron Hip Toss
Apron Shoulder Block
Cut Down
Pull Down 2

Apron Elbow Drop
Apron Choke

Apron Clothesline 1
Running Elbow Strike


Diving Vs. Standing Opp:
Diving Clothesline 2
Diving Double Axe Handle

Diving Vs. Downed Opp:
Diving Body Press 2
Diving Fist Drop 3


Running Strikes:
Clothesline 6
Shoulder Block 3

DDT 11

Grapple from Behind:
One-Handed Bulldog 1
One-Handed Bulldog 1

Ground Strikes:
Running Legdrop 2

Irish Whip Rebound:
Shoulder Block 3
Back Body Drop 2
Spinebuster 2
Knee Strike Reversal

Pull-Back Attacks:
Pull-Back Kitchen Sink
Pull-Back Side Slam

*Tag Team*

Standing Tag Team:
Double Chokeslam
Double Suplex
Double Gut Buster
Knife Edge Chop 1

Corner Tag Team:
Backbreaker & Elbow 1
Low Kick 1
Head Thrown to Big Boot
Pinioning Body Blow

*Special Moves*

Wake-Up Taunt:
Raise Arm 1

Big Boot 3

Powerbomb 1
Chokeslam 2

Royal Rumble - Quick Grapple:
Knee Lift
Toe Kick
Shoulder Thrust
Body Punch

Royal Rumble - Finishers:
Player's Boot

Ladder - Strike Attack:
Punch to Head
Powerful Punch

Ladder - Grapple:
Backhand Chop
Kicks it Down

Ladder - Finishers:

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