Creator: TheBeastBomb
Details: Only Head
Console: Xbox 360
Views: 19671
Date Added: 27th March 2012

skin/color/shine: 7/3rd/-9
Age: 50
Hair: 57(Length 100) -1st: x20,y145,30
-2nd: x0,y255,240
Face: -Eyes: 1 x13,y82,89
-Brows: (Whisch ever you want)

Shape: -Head: 13,-10,11
-Cranium: -8,9,21,-4
-Brows: -48,35,4,100
-Eyes: 54,-35,-20,-11,16,54,-28
-Nose: -49,-6,-14,-23,-64,55,-52,30
-Cheeks: 6,100,-75,7
-Mouth: -46,-7,23,21,-100,-100,-68
-Jaw: 56,22,30,2,11,-80
-Ears: 7,-19,18,5

Facial Hair:
-2x Goatee(after the Facepaints!!!):12 x0,y255,0

1.59/ 1= x0,y255,210 ; 2=x0,y255,227
2.37/ x0,y255,200
-> Than you make a big black point(Logo 131 x0,y255,10) over the face (for the lips after)!!!
-1= x0,y255,224
-2= x0,y255,220
-3= x0,y255,219
-4= x0,y255,220
-> Than you must complete the facepaint with 2xlogo 111 in black(0,0,5)(from the eyes to the symbol) and with the symbol "(" .If you had it all than you can complete your "Sting" with the 4th Facepaint.
4. Facepaint 56: x0,y255,30
in the 2nd pic he looks like the joker from DC
you didn\'t provide how to make his costume...
look up my cm punk and triple h paint tools
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