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Date Added: 19th March 2012

This is for anyone that doesn't have Shawn Michaels downloaded, I copied all of this of the DLC Shawn Michaels' move-set except the moves that came with him, I changed them to the best-suited one.

Abilities: Resiliency, Hammer throw, Comeback, Outside dives and Springboard dives.

Standard actions: Ring-In/Out:

Slide Ring In 1
Handstand Ring Out

Apron Ring In/Out:

Normal Ring In 1
Normal Ring Out 1

Apron Ringside In/Out:

Normal On The Apron 2
Normal Apron Out 1


Triple H DX 2
Triple H DX 1
World's Greatest 1
Triple H DX 1

Standing: Strike Attacks:

Cena Punch 1 (I know, I know...)
Gut Punch
Gut Kick 2
Backhand Chop
Gut Kick 2
Dropkick 1
Backhand Chop

Strike Combination:

Backhand Chop
Backhand Chop
Head Punch 1

Strong Strikes:

Knife Edge Chop 2
Enzuigiri 3

Kick Reversal:

Clothesline Reversal 2
Dragon Screw Reversal
Ankle Lock 3
Abdominal Stretch
Enzuigiri Reversal

Chain Grapple: Front Facelock:

Elbow Smash 1
Abdominal Stretch
Scoop Slam 3
Reverse Atomic Drop 1
Suplex 1
Pendulum Backbreaker

Side headlock:

Punch To Head 1
Sleeper Hold 1
Back Suplex 6
Jawbreaker 2
Swing Neckbreaker 1
Side Headlock Takedown

Wrist Lock:

Arm Wrench
Snapmare & Butterfly Lock
Leg Sweep KneeCrusher
Armbar 1
Gutbuster 1
Arm Drag 2

Waist Lock:

Forearm Smash 1
Cobra Clutch
Back Suplex
Back Side Slam 1
Russian Leg Sweep 1
Back Side Slam 1

Groggy Grapple: Groggy Grapple:

Fisherman Suplex 4
Backbreaker Drop 2
Reverse Atomic Drop 3
Texas Piledriver

Groggy Grapple From Behind:

Super Atomic Drop 2
Saito Suplex
Teardrop Suplex
Flash Back

Breaking Point Submission:

Full Nelson

Ground: Strike Attacks:

Wrestling Hero Stomp
Wrestling Hero Stomp

Grapple Moves Facing Up:

Face Stomp 1
Elbow Drop 8
Celtic Knot

Grapple Moves Facing Down:

Armbar 2
Elbow Drop 11
Knee Slam

Submission Grapple:

Triangle Hold
Camel Clutch 2
Figure 4 Leglock 2

Corner: Strike Attacks: Corner Groggy:

Knife Edge Chop 4
Forearm Smash 2
Turnbuckle Clothesline
Clothesline 14
Stomping 3
Running Knee Strike 1

Grapple Moves:

Snake Eyes 1
Corner Forehand Chop

Grapple From Behind:

Toss Into Ring Post
Snake Eyes 2

Top Rope Grapple:

Hurricanrana 7

Top Rope Grapple Behind:

Super Back Suplex
Reverse Superplex

Seated Corner Grapple:

Stomp & Choke

Tree of Woe Grapple:

Foot Choke 2

Corner Springboard:

Body Splash 2

Running Top Rope Grapple:

Deadly Drive

Rope: Groggy Against Ropes:

Flapjack 6

Springboard Attacks:

Springboard Body Splash 1

Outside Springboard Attacks:

Vaulting Body Press 3

Out of Ring Dive Attack (Run):

Vaulting Body Press 1

Running Springboard:

Springboard Body Splash 1

Apron: Strike Attacks:

Right Jab
Axe Handle to Ringside
Apron Clothesline 2

Springboard Attacks:

Vaulting Body Press 5
Moonsault Attack 3


Hotshot 1
Apron Suplex 3
Apron Shoulder Block
Pull Down 1
Pull Down 2


Apron Fist Drop
Apron Elbow Attack


Apron Clothesline 1
Running Elbow Strike

Diving: Diving Attack Vs. Standing Opp.:

Double Axe Handle 3
Missile Dropkick 1

Diving Attack Vs. Downed Opp.:

Diving Moonsault 1
Diving Fist Drop 3

Running: Running Strikes:

Flying Forearm Smash (comes with Kip-Up :D)
Running Back Elbow



Grapple From Behind:

One-Handed Bulldog 2
Chop Block 3

Ground Strikes:

Elbow Drop 4

Irish Whip Rebound:

Running Back Elbow
Reverse Atomic Drop 1
Back Body Drop 1
Knee Lift Reversal (One of the most fake moves in the WWE.)

Pull-Back Attacks:

Pull-Back Elbow
Pull-Back Armbar

Tag Team: Standing Tag Team:

Double Kick Combination
Clothesline & Chop Block
Double Kick Combination
Double Kick Combination

Corner Tag Team:

Diving Throw Suplex
Poetry in Motion
Clothesline & Spear
Powerbomb & Senton

Tag Team Finishers:

W/Triple H: Double Back Suplex

W/ Anyone Else, you can decide.

Special Moves: Comeback:

Edge Comeback

Wake-Up Taunt:

The Miz 9


Diving Elbow Drop 3
Figure 4 Leglock 2


Created Finisher (Will show how to make later on.
Super Kick 2

Royal Rumble: Quick Grapple:

Elbow Smash
Backhand Chop
Shoulder Thrust


Atomic Drop
Shoulder Block

Ladder: Strike Attack:

Punch to Head
Backhand Chop


Backhand Chop
Pushing Down Side (Dropkick suits HBK better)





Now for the Created Finisher

Click Accept Changes after you have done all of the above, then back to the WWE '12 Main Menu, go in to WWE Creations, click Finisher Move, new finisher and then Front Grapple. Now select Running Position, and finally Running Side kick. If you're not happy with this finisher, make your Wake-Up Taunt beast and change your finisher to Super Kick 3, that'll make it a bit like when Shawn Michaels does the Corner Vs Ground Opp. Sweet Chin Music.
you can't select running position if ur in front grapple
U r an aewsome HBK fan
Thank you Tortyturtle6!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
what is the console?
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