The Boogeyman
Creator: swaddles101
Details: Original
Console: Xbox 360
Views: 11938
Date Added: 24th February 2012

Templates 12
Texture & Colour: 12/12 8th on the first row Shine: -1
Age: 43
Hair: 4/82 Black
Eyes: 6/11 Black
Eyelashes: 15/15
Eyebrows: Default (won't see them)
Teeth: 9/14 Default

Head: -7,12,-15
Cranium: -20,-28,-7,-7
Eyebrows: -100,-100,-100,39
Eyes: 52,4,-29,-10,-10,100,10
Nose: -97,-100,53,-23,-19,-19,52,-53
Cheeks: -34,100,17,91
Mouth: -38,-14,-39,43,-10,-20,20
Jaw: 100,-17,100,-53,73,-40
Ears: 0,0,0,-82

Eye makeup: 21/21 Black
Lipstick: 1/17 Black
Face paint: 36/84 X:0 Y:0 Shade: 182
20/84 Black
Completely cover his head in red tattoos (Designs 131/144 and 111/144). If you cant see the lipstick than put 107/144 over lips black
Put 131/144 on ears Black
Cover his head in black circles (131/144) or use the paint tool) add small red dots around ears and eyes

Height: 6'2" 263lbs
Size: 3/11

Neck: -66,20,30
Chest: 0,-17,6,-100
Traps: 50,0,0
Shoulders: -41,5,-6
Abdomen: 27,13,-5
Waist: 2,-2
Arms: -3
Biceps: -10,-10
Forearms: -10,-10
Hands: 0,0,0
Legs: -15
Thighs: -15,-15
Calves: -15,-15
Feet: -19

Upper Body
Body Accessories: 36/38 All X:13 Y:82 Shade 84
Arms Wrist: 18/30 All Black

Lower Body:
Bottoms: 35/48 X:0 Y:255 Shade 30
Belts: 8/28 1st: Black
2nd: X:0 Y:255 Shade 155
Footwear: 1c/46 Black

Body Tattoos: 105/144 on both arms twice (see Pic)

Copy for entrance and cinematic attire

Crowd Signs: 01/14 3rd column 5th along (twice)
01/14 3rd column 4th along (twice)

Menu Screen Pose: 1/21

Hammer Throw
Ring escape
Move thief
Dirty Pin

Strike Power: 80/100
Grapple Power: 80/100
Submission: 75/100
Strike Defense: 80/100
Grapple: 80/100
Speed: 80/100
Agility: 80/100
Adrenaline: 80/100
Recovery: 75/100
Toughness: 75/100
Charisma: 80/100
Tag Team: 75/100

Name: The Boogeyman
Entrance: The Boogeyman
Abbreviated: Boogeyman
Ring Announcer: The Booger Man
Commentary: The Nightmare
Hometown: Parts Unknown
Crowd: Cheer
Show: Legends

Custom: Hells Demon
Superstar 30
Superstar 30
Randy Orton
Music: Hells Demon or Download it

Move set: Preset Move set 8
Sick well done thanks a lot for postin it up I changed just like a couple things made his face not look chunnky fixed that just a lil and found a way to do his make up that adds just a lil more I have a pic I want to put up so y'all can see idk how to put pics up tho but. Still rly sick job glad u made it
Well done, since i don't have live i was looking for a formula, after i made it, it looks amazing, mabye make the head a bit darker and but the yellow in there but apart from that an amazing job :)
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