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Jeff Hardy TNA (2011)  CAW  Smacktalks 23rd November  21st February  8.32
Jeff Hardy Face Only  CAW  316slimshady316   28th November  29th March  6.44  
Jeff Hardy No Attire  CAW  AAtienza   28th November  6.18  
Jeff Hardy 2007 & TNA Immortal  CAW  AO17   29th November  6.76  
James Storm Black Jeans & Others  CAW  santacaw   3rd December  12th April  8.2  
Jeff Hardy TNA  CAW  nwo is coming   3rd December  6.57  
Jeff Hardy 4 Different TNA  CAW  MrB 3rd December  30th January  8.37  
JTG 4 Attires + Video Formula  CAW  Status 4th December  8th July  8.5
Jeff Hardy TNA/Anti-Christ  CAW  vincentkelleher1..   11th December  7.4  
Jeff Hardy White Red & Black  CAW  wwefan12ify   11th December  4.43  
Jeff Hardy TNA  CAW  Bearey09 11th December  23rd January  7.5  
Jimmy & Jey Uso both jey and jimmy  CAW  ratedrko   12th December  7.4    
Jinder Mahal WWE  CAW  rugbyleague3wii   19th December  6.56
Jill Valentine Resident Evil  CAW  Lyndsey Mckinlay..   19th December  7  
Jessica Murphy 4 Different  CAW  KDA<91> 19th December  4.33  
JaeMar The One & Only  CAW  JaeMarKarDashn 19th December  5  
Jeff Hardy TNA  CAW  CObra57   19th December  4.69  
Jey Uso 4 Attires + Video Formula  CAW  deathbyego 25th December  3rd June  8.5  
Jimmy Uso 4 Attires + Video Formula  CAW  deathbyego 25th December  13th May  8.25  
John Laurinaitis 4 - 2 Suits & Dynamic Dudes  CAW  GLASS1020 25th December  7.53  
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