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Freddy Krueger   CAW  Bruno Correa Freit..   11th July  5.14  
Faarooq APA  CAW  Old School   11th July  6.25  
Falcon Hammer   CAW  PizzaHutguy 15th July  10  
Frank Castle 3 Different  CAW  Neil Mackenzie 15th July  0  
Festus WWE  CAW  nexusdinasty   18th November  7  
Faarooq The Acolytes  Entrance  deanonumber10   2nd August  1    
Fandango Single  Entrance  MikeCaws2013   9th May  4th October  6.14    
Fireman Carry Tombstone Pile..   Finisher  Rdchili69   8th August  10    
Fall-Away Facebuster   Finisher  Rdchili69   8th August  7    
Five-Star Frog Splash Pin   Finisher  The SuperCrasher™..   8th August  4    
Future-Shock 2   Finisher  The SuperCrasher™..   8th August  0    
Five Star Frog Splash Pin   Finisher  Rdchili69   8th August  6    
FlatLiner   Finisher  GrilledXbox   8th August  4    
Falcon Kick   Finisher  Unknown   8th August  7.5    
Fisherman Neckbreaker Pin   Finisher  TheSponge   8th August  0    
FG-40oz. Crush   Finisher  White Rhino   8th August  0    
Flatliner   Finisher  Jay   8th August  0    
Flying Headbutt   Finisher  finisher master   8th August  0    
Flatliner   Finisher  Xrasone   8th August  0    
Flipping Neckbreaker   Finisher  bob   8th August  4    
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