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Batman   CAW  ArkhamInmate801   3rd December  7.53  
Bobby Lashley Black  CAW  SdotX 3rd December  6.26  
Brother Love Ring/Entrance/Cinamatic  CAW  KingOfMadProps   19th December  6.63  
Brutus Beefcake 4 (WMVI WMIX Tiger & Pink)  CAW  GLASS1020 19th December  6.77  
Brian Pillman   CAW  ThefallNAngel   19th December  24th December  8.29  
Batman Various  CAW  The Smoking Ace a.. 25th December  7.23  
Big Barda   CAW  ArkhamInmate801 29th December  5.5  
Barbara Gordon Batgirl  CAW  ArkhamInmate801 29th December  7  
Billy Gunn 4 Attires  CAW  WolfgangJT 6th January  8.54
Brodus Clay Funkasaurus (Video Tutorial)  CAW  Andy 2 Randy 14th January  9th March  7.86
Bret Hart WM 26 - 2010 - 2011  CAW  Austinite_JC 16th January  6.6  
Brodus Clay 2 Skin Colour  CAW  Actolorise   16th January  6.79  
Bret Hart 4 Attires + Video Formula  CAW  BHANGRA22MAN 19th January  11  8th January  8.49
Batista 2 Attires  CAW  AyrtonVargas 20th January  16  23rd September  8.3
Bradshaw Acolytes & APA  CAW  WolfgangJT 30th January  8th March  8.47
Bobby Lashley WWE & TNA  CAW  The D 31st January  9th May  8.38
Blood Ninja Classic  CAW  XII ENVY ME IIX 3rd February  9  
Balls Mahoney ECW  CAW  MovieMonster   3rd February  6
Brodus Clay Funkasaurus  CAW  VintagePain 3rd February  5.79  
Bobby Lashley   CAW  luxiado   3rd February  6.5  
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