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Aksana Black Leather  CAW  Robert Cruz   28th November  7.45  
Abyss Black & White/Flannel/Asylum  CAW  d0de2 11th December  29th June  8.23  
AJ Styles 4 Different Attires  CAW  Dre41 16th December  30th July  8.45
Austin Aries 2 Different  CAW  Simon1326 19th December  5.53  
Austin Aries 4 Different  CAW  Section115 19th December  29th June  6.31  
Aksana Original & Christmas  CAW  Smacktalks 20th December  13th April  8.28
AJ Lee 4 Attires + Video Formula  CAW  RAIDA NGP & mikema.. 12th January  15th July  8.26
Andre The Giant The Man, The Legend  CAW  YourWrestlingRumou.. 23rd January  29th January  7.86
Archangel Classic  CAW  XII ENVY ME IIX 3rd February  6.83  
Al Snow 3 Different  CAW  YupItsMe 3rd February  4.75  
Andre The Giant   CAW  RaZa Back   2nd March  7.55  
Azreal Normal  CAW  SolidTheSoldier   24th February  25th February  5.5  
AJ Styles   CAW  The D 24th February  30th July  8.32  
Austin Aries 4 Attires + Video Formula  CAW  Pac & The D 5th March  29th June  8.43
Avatar   CAW  H.M.J   19th March  6.63  
Audrey Marie   CAW  obsessedW/divas   19th March  4.45  
AJ Lee   CAW  Vladtepez 19th March  2nd March  8.13  
AJ Styles   CAW  CretemanHard   19th March  30th July  7.69
Angelina Love 4 Attires + Video Formula  CAW  RAIDA NGP & mikema.. 20th March  26th March  8.4
AJ Lee 4 Attires + Video Formula  CAW  hbk89 3rd April  13th June  8.31
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