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Legends of Wrestling   Arena  WWExChamp84 31st October  16th June  4.57  
Wrestlemania 30   Arena  alex95ziems 1st November  6th November  8.03  
Smackdown 09   Arena  alex95ziems 2nd November  25th August  8.05  
No Way Out   Arena  alex95ziems 2nd November  8.11  
WrestleMania 30 Custom Arena  Arena  CP3NOG 2nd November  4.75
WCW Monday Nitro   Arena  tylerboshears202.. 4th November  6.8
WCW Monday Nitro   Arena  RaoumMenard 4th November  12th November  7.54  
ECW One Night Stand '06 Very Accurate Arena. Enjoy  Arena  RubenRipaldi 4th November  7.15    
WrestleMania 30 Custom  Arena  COZZA SAID SO 5th November  3.51  
No Mercy 2005   Arena  X_Logical_X 6th November  19th March  6.32  
ROH Arena ROH 2013 Arena   Arena  ThuganomicShow 12th November  13th November  6.58  
WCW Monday Nitro TNT  Arena  JUANCAWS 13th November  7  
Smackdown (2007)   Arena  JUANCAWS 13th November  19th March  6.59  
ECW On TNN Download + Video Formula  Arena  NickBreakerUK 22nd November  11th May  7.71
WCW Monday Nitro Download Only  Arena  StAndrewONeil 22nd November  23rd November  7.41
Raw 2002-2005   Arena  Filipezexal 22nd November  6th February  5.41  
ROH On HDNET HDNET ROH  Arena  TheSpookyGhosts 24th November  7.33
RAW '02 - '06   Arena  RANDOMProYT 27th November  12th December  7.05  
TNA NWA 2002   Arena  HELLRAISER-XXIV 3rd December  27th December  8  
WCW Bash At The Beach 1998 (Download Only)  Arena  Jonny Noc & Voo 5th December  14th April  7.55
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