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Jeff Hardy TNA (2011)  CAW  Smacktalks 23rd November  21st February  8.32
Jeff Hardy Face Only  CAW  316slimshady316   28th November  29th March  6.44  
Silva Camo  CAW  DeadlyMaddawg31   28th November  5.38  
Aksana Black Leather  CAW  Robert Cruz   28th November  7.45  
Jeff Hardy No Attire  CAW  AAtienza   28th November  6.18  
Hunico   CAW  HeelCara   29th November  10th February  6.47  
Jeff Hardy 2007 & TNA Immortal  CAW  AO17   29th November  6.76  
X-Pac 3 Different DX  CAW  degenerate2uk 29th November  5.96  
Sting Multiple Attires  CAW  Terra Ryzn 2nd December  14th May  8.22
Rorschach The Watchmen  CAW  PizzaHutguy 3rd December  3.75  
Green Lantern Classic  CAW  TheHolyRagnarok 3rd December  7  
Batman   CAW  ArkhamInmate801   3rd December  7.53  
Harley Quinn   CAW  ArkhamInmate801   3rd December  7.29  
The Joker   CAW  ArkhamInmate801   3rd December  11th October  7.17  
James Storm Black Jeans & Others  CAW  santacaw   3rd December  12th April  8.2  
Sabu Orange  CAW  MovieMonster   3rd December  7.78
Jeff Hardy TNA  CAW  nwo is coming   3rd December  6.57  
Hulk Hogan   CAW  Vladtepez   3rd December  6.76  
Goldberg WCW Debut  CAW  AAtienza   3rd December  6.72  
The Ultimate Warrior Old School  CAW  PizzaHutguy 3rd December  6.66  
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