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William Regal 4 Attires (Download Only)  CAW  Auday the CAWer 28th August  7
Gregory Helms 4 Attires + Video Formula  CAW  Pacman_Classic, WF.. 28th August  8.17
Heidenreich 4 Attires (Download Only)  CAW  RaZaBaCk2012 & cla.. 27th August  28th August  7.63
Jamie Noble 4 Attires + Video Formula  CAW  DICE BRODIE 89 27th August  7.08
Jeff Hardy 4 Attires (TNA) + Textured Face  CAW  hardyz-wont_DIE 27th August  7.8  
Charlotte 4 Attires + Video Formula  CAW  masonnutt 26th August  26th August  8.44
Bull Dempsey New Attire  CAW  MrExtreme08 25th August  7.29  
Lana 4 Attires  CAW  IceShimmer x 24th August  7  
Aksana 4 Attires  CAW  IceShimmer x 24th August  5.4  
Kane 4 Unmasked Attires  CAW  Rayz7r 22nd August  24th August  9.62
Sami Zayn 4 Attires + Video Formula  CAW  SMK, Shattered! & .. 22nd August  23rd August  8.09
Dean Ambrose 4 Textured Attires (Download Only)  CAW  JayBIazeXGeN 22nd August  22nd August  4.91  
Dean Ambrose 4 Attires (Download Only)  CAW  RoKaDitZ, AJSim & .. 19th August  22nd August  6.87
Ken Shamrock 4 Attires (Download Only)  CAW  NickBreakerUK 19th August  8.58
Aksana 4 Attires + Video Formula  CAW  SassySloth 19th August  28th August  7.67
Michelle McCool 4 Attires (Download Only)  CAW  SableLoverT30 19th August  19th August  6.83
Randy Orton 2014 (Download Only)  CAW  AKz Effect 12th August  19th August  9.41
Chris Jericho 2014 (Download Only)  CAW  GaMeVoLt 12th August  21st August  9.69
Scott Steiner 4 Attires (Download Only)  CAW  Wizard of Thay 12th August  18th August  7.69
Davey Richards 4 Attires (Download Only)  CAW  SMK 12th August  6.95
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