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Facebook   Arena  GarBus GarBear 15th April  7
NXT TakeOver: Dallas It's a custom creation of the WWE 2016 NXT Takeover Dallas Arena  Arena  mbegghead 5th April  6.38  
WrestleMania 33   Arena  Bo(tch) Dallas 2nd April  8.5
WWE 2K16 Roadblock 2016 It's an accurate recreation, based of the WWE Network Special Roadblock from 2016  Arena  mbegghead 13th March  8  
Ring of Honor 2016 Final Battle TV Tapings  Arena  Bo(tch) Dallas 9th January  8.78
Ring of Honor 2015   Arena  Bo(tch) Dallas 9th January  7.43
Lucha Underground   Arena  Bo(tch Dallas) 9th January  8.88
Money in the Bank Exact replica of WWE 12 Money in the Bank (Hopefully the image shows)  Arena  Str8_savage11 30th December  8.5  
Takeover Anywhere Nxt takeover for random location in universe, available in arena and show download sections  Arena  YoureDeadImStosh .. 17th December  7  
Takeover London Tried to make this as accurate as possible  Arena  YoureDeadImStosh.. 17th December  8.33  
WWE RAW 2002-2005  Arena  J_A_C121 4th November  8.35
WrestleMania 20 Part Of The WrestleMania Pack  Arena  Logan725 4th November  8.26  
The Bash '09   Arena  Logan725 4th November  8.43  
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