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  Name Details Type Creator Date Added Comments Last Comment Rating Preview
Death of the Shield The Shield breaks up  Storyline  qamal 17th June  3rd December  6.46    
Paul Heyman Guyzzz   Storyline  Best Gamer 2k 19th May  5.67    
WrestleMania Top 30   Storyline  CreekBoyCD3 18th April  5.88    
Million Dollar NWO Defend The WWE!  Storyline  rara9000 2nd April  8.55    
Dolph Ziggler RTWM   Storyline  Parunner1 26th March  7.91    
Occupy WWE - Part 1   Storyline  TheAndyMan366 14th March  22nd April  7.5    
WWE Dissension   Storyline  Bullet O Connor 23rd February  6.13    
Pro Wrestling 2K-8bit   Storyline  Dag Härdfeldt 21st January  8    
The Return Of Batista Storyline  Storyline  axelcolson 20th January  6.57    
The Streak Updated! Relive the undertakers streak  Storyline  ChampionSafe 12th January  8th June  6.67    
Wrestlemania 29   Storyline  FidgetyElm60 9th January  7.22    
RTWM John Cena Road To Wrestlemania John Cena  Storyline  SirgioWWElover 13th December  7.79    
Drew's Redemption Drew tries to change his luck and save his career  Storyline  heelmoney 2nd December  7.68    
WWE Revolution#1 (or Ep.1)   Storyline  Scott Logan 22nd November  26th November  7    
New Family In Charge   Storyline  SUP3R DUPER M4N 17th November  5.38    
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