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JoJo Her most accurate entrance to date.  Entrance  Jarele Toliver 16th June  3.25    
Bray Wyatt   Entrance  nickmichaels01 22nd April  22nd April  7.08  
DX   Entrance  DimitirsMG 23rd March  19th April  6.68    
JoJo Tribute to the Troops  Entrance  Jarele Toliver 18th March  18th December  6.1    
Eva Marie   Entrance  Jarele Toliver 7th March  5.13    
Jeff Hardy   Entrance  Mr.wrestling 4th March  5.4    
Matt Sydal Easy Entrance  Entrance  TheGreatTimi991 2nd March  25th May  4.4    
Tamina Snuka   Entrance  Jarele Toliver 19th February  4    
Lita Her real Rated-R heel entrance.  Entrance  Jarele Toliver 15th February  4.33    
Mickie James Easy  Entrance  IceShimmer x 26th January  5.29    
Rosa Mendes   Entrance  Jarele Toliver 24th January  5.15    
Kelly Kelly Advanced   Entrance  IceShimmer x 8th January  7.13    
Jeff Hardy (WWE) Easy  Entrance  RollingRocky300 29th December  6.43    
Chris Jericho retro version  Entrance  marcuswwe23 22nd December  5.21  
Antonio Cesaro (We The Peopl.. this is a easy creation entrance  Entrance  TheGreatTimi991 21st December  4.93    
Rob Van Dam Easy  Entrance  juanm12 26th November  12th December  6.29    
GOLDUST 2013   Entrance  RollingRocky300 25th November  6.5    
Team Hell No   Entrance  bigredmachine 18th November  5.59    
Mankind   Entrance  juanm12 18th November  6.15    
Jeff Hardy WWE Face Entrance  Entrance  juanm12 18th November  4th January  5.98    
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