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Alex Shelley   Moveset  HarlotEffect93   27th April  9.33    
Goldberg Moveset   Moveset  Coleen93   15th March  7.13    
Jamie Noble   Moveset  bad 33   9th September  8.17    
All Unknown Preset Movesets   Moveset  nikkigrizly123   25th July  8.14    
Mr Anderson   Moveset  rockstargunit   27th June  7.3    
Ryback Finisher   Moveset  Ryan   20th June  31st July  7.73    
James Storm   Moveset  MST3Claye   11th June  7.63    
Batista   Moveset  BrunoBarros   11th June  8.31    
The Rock   Moveset  BrunoBarros   11th June  28th March  8.61    
Hunico   Moveset  BrunoBarros   11th June  7.25    
Brodus Clay Funkasaurus  Moveset  Sanjay Wolverine..   11th June  8.33    
Sachin Mankind  Moveset  Unknown   11th June  4    
Austin Aries Pink/Black Trunks  Moveset  goldislead   11th June  9.21    
The Boogeyman   Moveset  BrunoBarros   11th June  26th October  5.83    
Mr. Perfect WWF  Moveset  H.Patrik (innovato..   11th June  7    
James Storm   Moveset  Unknown   11th June  6    
Sheamus   Moveset  Jason Stevens   30th April  7.44    
The Usos   Moveset  BrunoBarros   30th April  12th April  8.42    
Goldberg   Moveset  Jason Stevens   30th April  20th July  7.64    
Sid Vicious WCW  Moveset  Graham Balls   30th April  7.6    
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