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Swiss Blade Antonio Cesaro  Finisher  wwea16   8th April  8th October  3.8    
Twist Of Fate   Finisher  Guilherme   4th December  9.29    
Super Codebreaker   Finisher  EtH27   6th November  6.78    
Suplex Stuuner   Finisher  RobWWEFan   1st November  8.4    
Mic Check Mr. Anderson  Finisher  IxOWNxURxSOUL 30th October  9.82    
Downsized front  Finisher  WVCAWS and MasterM..   27th October  6.22    
WORLD EATER FRONT GRAPPLE  Finisher  WVCAWS AND MASTERM..   27th October  5.5    
Downward Spiral Top Rope  Finisher  WVCAWS and MasterM..   27th October  8.13    
High Cross Top Rope Corner  Finisher  WVCAWS and MasterM..   27th October  4    
Tensai Finisher (Powerbomb) Tensai  Finisher  yashwwe   19th October  4.25    
All in Huurts  Finisher  Chicago23   30th September  9.5    
Pepsi Plunge CM Punk's Ring of Honor Finisher Move  Finisher  IxOWNxURxSOUL 29th September  9.1    
Brogue Kick 2 Alternate Brogue kick  Finisher  IxOWNxURxSOUL 29th September  6.89    
Chokeslam From Hell For Your Undertakers and Kanes.  Finisher  IxOWNxURxSOUL 23rd September  8    
stroke of genius CUSTOM  Finisher  HBKHHHDX123   19th September  6.8    
Bray Wyatt SLAM Husky Harris Finisher  Finisher  HBKHHHDX123   19th September  5.4    
Rock Bottom   Finisher  khan   8th September  7.3    
Shell Shocked Ryback  Finisher  JohnCenaMitko   4th September  10th September  9    
Snow Plow Al Snow  Finisher  Old School   24th August  19th November  7.6  
Super Zig Zag Dolph Ziggler  Finisher  DoubleRussia   24th August  8.92    
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