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Jeff Hardy WWE Entrance  Entrance  TooHardcoreforECW..   11th February  6.5    
Junkyard dog   Entrance  Legendscaws   23rd December  1    
Spider-Man Easy  Entrance  DaltonioSpidey94..   13th December  8    
The Riddler Advanced  Entrance  DaltonioSpidey94..   13th December  7.5    
Daniel Bryan   Entrance  Thunderlord8   20th November  7.33    
Ryback   Entrance  IknowRyback   10th November  11th October  6.85    
Chris Jericho and BIg Show   Entrance  bad 33   23rd October  7.5    
CM Punk and Gallows   Entrance  bad 33   23rd October  6.4    
The Rock Entrance   Entrance  yashwwe   19th October  5    
Eddie Guerrero & Santino Mar.. Santino Heat  Entrance  HBKHHHDX123   24th September  6.33    
Heath Slater heath slater  Entrance  bad 33 and LMFAO B..   23rd September  9.2    
Zack Ryder phone  Entrance  bad 33   23rd September  7.75    
The Rock Custom Entrance Video  Entrance  Y2J SAVE-US   22nd September  7.75    
Kane and Daniel Bryan Custom  Entrance  HBKHHHDX123   19th September  6.46    
Randy Orton 2012  Entrance  Strage   12th September  9.58    
Heath Slater one man band  Entrance  bad 33   12th September  6.93    
JTG JTG  Entrance  bad 33   12th September  7    
Cody Rhodes 2012  Entrance  bad 33   11th September  12th September  7    
Ryback 2012  Entrance  ReyMysterio1   30th August  21st November  7.63    
Chris Jericho Best On WWE 12  Entrance  IxOWNxURxSOUL   28th August  13th October  9.13    
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