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Angelina Love   Attributes  JNC0291   22nd March  5.7    
Triple H   Attributes  Ericho84   15th December  7    
SpongeBob SquarePants Realistic  Attributes  Ericho84   28th October  6    
Christian 2012  Attributes  DynamiteT   6th October  28th July  1.8    
John Laurinaitis Realistic Moveset  Attributes  DynamiteT   6th August  6    
Hornswoggle   Attributes  DynamiteT   6th August  6.92    
The Fabulous Moolah   Attributes  djohns1395   3rd August  6.67    
Chyna   Attributes  djohns1395   3rd August  6.71    
Chris Jericho Y2J moveset  Attributes  DynamiteT   7th July  20th July  7.75    
Aaron Anderson   Attributes  JeXx   11th June  2.5    
Goldberg   Attributes  dk   11th June  4.67    
Kofi Kingston   Attributes  dk   11th June  6th August  6    
Lord Tensai   Attributes  Cena The Champ is ..   11th June  7.38    
Cody Rhodes   Attributes  FlashFireStudio   11th June  3.25    
Ryback   Attributes  Emilix   11th June  8.17    
Big Daddy V   Attributes  FilipWWE   11th June  5.6    
Santino Marella   Attributes  DrewIsAwesome   11th June  3.86    
Jerry Lawler   Attributes  Emilix   30th April  7.75    
Michael Cole   Attributes  Emilix   30th April  6.25    
MVP   Attributes  BrunoBarros   30th April  7.33    
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