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Dawn Marie   CAW  Timberedmass209 13th August  10th July  6.56  
Jeff Hardy Face paint  CAW  wweandwwfgames 3rd August  28th September  7.96  
Jeff Hardy   CAW  CristianLarenasCr..   7th July  5.64  
AJ Lee   CAW  Vladtepez 14th May  9th August  7.48  
Fandango   CAW  Vladtepez 14th May  17th December  7.86  
Andre The Giant Video Formula  CAW  BleaksGamez   23rd April  16th June  7  
Stone Cold Steve Austin   CAW  Sarennwooz   20th March  12th July  6.82
Roman Reigns Video Formula  CAW  H's, NickBreakerUK..   17th March  19th July  6.35  
Jack Swagger 1 Atiire, Entrance & Finishers  CAW  big ice-Z   6th March  7.67
Zack Ryder 1 Attire + Video Formula  CAW  big ice-Z   4th March  4th March  5.8  
John Laurinatis   CAW  Sarennwooz   14th January  3.91  
Antonio Cesaro   CAW  MegaConsoleGaming..   28th December  10th April  4.28  
Seth Rollins   CAW  MegaConsoleGaming,.. 27th December  10th April  7.2  
Shad Gaspard 4 Attires  CAW  ReyMysterio1 22nd December  2.79  
Superman   CAW  Connor Purnell   8th December  20th July  7.05    
Kane   CAW  SmiitzerGruvE 17th November  27th March  8.64
Stone Cold Formula  CAW  Sarennwooz   7th November  5.63  
Zack Ryder Formula  CAW  Sarennwooz   2nd November  7.28  
Michael Tarver Easy!  CAW  Ericho84   30th October  7.46    
Ryback 1 Attire and 1 photo  CAW  StoneColdSanju   26th October  11th December  6.44  
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