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  Name Details Type Creator Downloadable Date Added Comments Last Comment Rating Preview
Jeff Hardy   CAW  CristianLarenasCr..   7th July  5.64  
Alex Shelley   Moveset  HarlotEffect93   27th April  9.33    
Andre The Giant Video Formula  CAW  BleaksGamez   23rd April  16th June  7  
Stone Cold Steve Austin   CAW  Sarennwooz   20th March  12th July  6.82
John Laurinatis   CAW  Sarennwooz   14th January  3.91  
Antonio Cesaro   CAW  MegaConsoleGaming..   28th December  10th April  4.28  
Seth Rollins   CAW  MegaConsoleGaming,.. 27th December  10th April  7.2  
Shad Gaspard 4 Attires  CAW  ReyMysterio1 22nd December  2.79  
Booker T Red Attire   Threads  Hulkhogan19   16th December  8.33    
Superman   CAW  Connor Purnell   8th December  20th July  6.86    
Twist Of Fate   Finisher  Guilherme   4th December  9.29    
Kane   CAW  SmiitzerGruvE 17th November  27th March  8.64
Stone Cold Formula  CAW  Sarennwooz   7th November  5.63  
Super Codebreaker   Finisher  EtH27   6th November  6.78    
Zack Ryder Formula  CAW  Sarennwooz   2nd November  7.28  
Downsized front  Finisher  WVCAWS and MasterM..   27th October  6.22    
WORLD EATER FRONT GRAPPLE  Finisher  WVCAWS AND MASTERM..   27th October  5.5    
The Blue Meanie 4 Attires  CAW  Dre41 26th October  7.22
Super Nova 4 Attires  CAW  Dre41 26th October  5.95
Stevie Richards 4 Attires  CAW  Dre41 26th October  6.75
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