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Jeff Hardy atributos de jeff hardy  Attributes  CristianLarenasCr..   7th July  7.71    
Brock Lesnar   Attributes  Prince_Villanueva..   3rd April  5.44    
John Cena   Attributes  PO-RS   19th December  7.57    
Stone Cold   Attributes  PO-RS   19th December  8.86    
The Rock   Attributes  PO-RS   19th December  23rd June  7.28    
The Undertaker   Attributes  PO-RS   19th December  5.75    
Ted DiBiase Jr.   Attributes  tiago   19th December  0    
Alex Riley   Attributes  Killashiivz95   20th November  7.67    
Alberto Del Rio   Attributes  Killashiivz95   20th November  6.5    
Attributes Selection   Attributes  Assyria3   20th November  0    
Brodus Clay   Attributes  trassieh-thinks-tn..   20th November  5.5    
Ricochet   Attributes  Christian Horla La..   20th November  0    
Alberto Del Rio   Attributes  louis702   20th November  9.75    
Sin Cara   Attributes  sincara 234   20th November  8.88    
Bobby Roode   Attributes  trassieh-thinks-tn..   20th November  6.5    
Justin Bieber   Attributes  Unknown   20th November  1.33    
Alberto Del Rio   Attributes  Nicolewwez   20th November  10    
Sin Cara   Attributes  coolguy879   20th November  10    
Andre The Giant   Attributes  coolguy879   20th November  10    
Hulk Hogan   Attributes  coolguy879   20th November  7.8    
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