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Jeff Hardy (HCTP) Realastic Jeff Hardy Caw  CAW  Omarilzz   13th September  9th November  7.43  
Antonio Cesaro 4 fixed attries  CAW  Crazyloco 26th August  14th November  6.5  
Sin Cara Caw de sin cara  CAW  CristianLarenasCr..   7th July  6.59
Jeff Hardy Video Formula  CAW  CristianLarenasCr..   7th July  1st August  5.57
Bret Hart Bret hart caw formula by me   CAW  barca4huzaifa   3rd July  11th October  8.35  
Hunter Hearst Helmsley   CAW  barca4huzaifa   25th June  6.65
Curtis Axel   CAW  barca4huzaifa   22nd June  20th November  6.14
The Disaster Red/Black  CAW  CaptainRedDevil   19th December  4.96  
Sin Cara White  CAW  rey mysterio   19th December  11th July  7.15  
Sting Easy  CAW  Video Tutorial   12th December  5.17
Mr. Anderson Black  CAW  JeSsAwEsOmE   1st December  8.61  
The Great Khali Black  CAW  JeSsAwEsOmE   1st December  6.95  
Brock Lesnar 3 Different  CAW  Kung Fu   1st December  14  3rd August  8.48  
Jill Valentine Resident Evil 1  CAW  nexusdinasty   1st December  11th July  7.75  
Smurf   CAW  liljimmy000   1st December  6.4  
Hunico White Tops & Black Pants  CAW  BrunoBarros   1st December  7.44  
Dude Love   CAW  BrunoBarros   1st December  6.95  
Sgt. Slaughter 2 Different  CAW  BrunoBarros   1st December  6.63  
Jeff Hardy WWE 2008  CAW  Legendkiller99   1st December  13th June  5.11  
Christian Classic (WWF)  CAW  Andrew Nicholson.. 24th November  27th August  6.68  
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