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  Name Details Type Creator Date Added Comments Last Comment Rating Preview
Rhyno 2 Attires  CAW  GaMeFReaK 8th November  7  
Razor Ramon / Scott Hall   CAW  Omegasentry, John .. 10th November  6.89  
Rey Mysterion WCW Rey mysterion with no Mask.  CAW  John christopher /.. 10th December  6.57  
Roderick Strong 1 attire, entrance, moveset  CAW  Bo(tch) Dallas 9th January  7.57
Roderick Strong Strong 2 attires + moveset + entrance  CAW  GaMeFReaK 22nd March  8.11  
Robbie E Two attires.. Singles and Current teal Bro Mans outfit  CAW  MST3Claye 17th April  8.5  
Rockstar Spud 2 attires - current heel/black w/blue trim  CAW  MST3Claye 25th April  4.33  
Rey Mysterio 4 Attires  CAW  Ssnake76new 28th April  8.15
Raven 2 Attires  CAW  dyn0mytecaw 2nd May  9
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