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  Name Details Type Creator Date Added Comments Last Comment Rating Preview
Karl Anderson WWE  CAW  Defract 5th May  9.91
Keiji Mutoh (Wrestle-1)   CAW  .RaieE. 1st May  9.79  
Eli Drake E-LI-DRAKE! Let me talk to ya!  CAW  MST3Claye 20th November  9.67  
Davey Richards 2 Attires  CAW  Eamonn120385 2nd March  9.6
Shinsuke Nakamura Wrestle Kingdom 10  CAW  GaMeFReaK 5th February  9.54  
Crazzy Steve   CAW  sami_nwo 13th November  9.5  
Angelico 1 attire, entrance, moveset  CAW  Bo(tch) Dallas 9th January  9.5
Chris Jericho '01 Wrestlemania 20  CAW  Kopy16 21st February  9.5  
Tigre Uno 2 attires , moveset and entrance  CAW  MST3Claye 1st February  9.33  
Taz ECW / WWF  CAW  WillPower2188 29th March  9.33
Shinsuke Nakamura V2 Nakamura V2 updated first attire/strong style red second attire / credit to ageofsandow for moveset  CAW  GaMeFReaK 14th February  9.29  
Matt Jackson 2 attires: BC, speckles, entrance, moveset  CAW  Bo(tch) Dallas 9th January  9.2
Carlito   CAW  Kuzmac82 8th February  9.09
Eddie Edwards 2 attires - off-white w/claw mark designs & blue w/claw marks designs. Both appearances have the claw body paint.  CAW  MST3Claye 1st December  9  
Chris Hero 1 attire, entrance, moveset  CAW  Bo(tch) Dallas 9th January  9
Festus 2007-2009  CAW  denyes11 7th February  9  
Jessie Godderz Two attires.. Singles and Current teal Bro Mans outfit  CAW  MST3Claye 17th April  9  
Shinsuke Nakamura (NXT)   CAW  .RaieE. 1st May  9  
Raven 2 Attires  CAW  dyn0mytecaw 2nd May  9
Kurt Angle (TNA 2015 & 2016) TNA 2015 & 2016 attires  CAW  .RaieE. 10th April  8.77  
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