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  Name Details Type Creator Date Added Comments Last Comment Rating Preview
Abyss 2 Attires  CAW  MST3Claye 11th March  4.8
Adam Cole 2 attires: black & Kingdom, entrance, moveset  CAW  Bo(tch) Dallas 9th January  7.9
AJ STYLES 2 attires  CAW  Giamsamir 10th November  7.68  
aj styles 2 attire  CAW  giamsamir 15th April  8.61  
AJ Styles Classic TNA  CAW  Kuzmac82 10th May  8.29
Alberto Del Rio Red attire  CAW  Crow (Eamonn120385.. 2nd November  7.78  
Alberto Del Rio Alberto Del Rio  CAW  Giamsamir 5th November  8.38  
Alex Riley   CAW  sami_nwo 13th November  4  
Alex Riley Includes 2 of his most recent NXT attires, Updated moveset, & Entrance.  CAW  itsmeBayley 29th January  6.67  
Alex Riley 2 Attires  CAW  itsmeBayley 29th January  6.17  
Angelico 1 attire, entrance, moveset  CAW  Bo(tch) Dallas 9th January  9.5
Angelico 2nd version - 1 attire, entrance, moveset  CAW  Bo(tch) Dallas 9th January  8.2
ANGELO DAWKINS   CAW  sami_nwo 19th December  7  
Animal Road Warriors  CAW  WJEuroChamp 9th March  7.75
Apollo Crews Apollo Crews with his most recent NXT attire.  CAW  UncleCreepy 9th November  8.61  
Big Bossman Attitude Era  CAW  shawnstylz 29th March  7
Billy Gunn 3 Attires: Mr Ass, New Age Outlaw, Billy and Chuck  CAW  JRO1978 6th March  7.25  
Bobby Roode 2 attires.. BR Logo tights and Scarab chain link logo tights  CAW  MST3Claye 15th December  6.25  
Brian Cage 2 attires: Independent & LUCHA UNDERGROUND, entrance, moveset  CAW  Bo(tch) Dallas 16th January  7
Bull Dempsey 2 Attires  CAW  GaMeFReaK 5th November  8.03  
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