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  Name Details Type Creator Date Added Comments Last Comment Rating Preview
AJ STYLES 2 attires  CAW  Giamsamir 10th November  7.68  
aj styles 2 attire  CAW  giamsamir 15th April  8.61  
Shinsuke Nakamura   CAW  giamsamir 15th April  8.45  
Billy Gunn 3 Attires: Mr Ass, New Age Outlaw, Billy and Chuck  CAW  JRO1978 6th March  7.25  
Apollo Crews Apollo Crews with his most recent NXT attire.  CAW  UncleCreepy 9th November  8.61  
Alberto Del Rio Alberto Del Rio  CAW  Giamsamir 5th November  8.38  
Hollywood Hulk Hogan Hollywood Hulk Hogan with tattoos  CAW  Hulk Hogan 28th January  6  
Nick Jackson 2 attires: BC & speckles, entrance, moveset  CAW  Bo(tch) Dallas 9th January  8.2
Shinsuke Nakamura Wrestle Kingdom 10  CAW  GaMeFReaK 5th February  9.54  
Shinsuke Nakamura V2 Nakamura V2 updated first attire/strong style red second attire / credit to ageofsandow for moveset  CAW  GaMeFReaK 14th February  9.29  
Chris Jericho '01 Wrestlemania 20  CAW  Kopy16 21st February  9.5  
Rhyno 2 Attires  CAW  GaMeFReaK 8th November  7  
Keiji Mutoh (Wrestle-1)   CAW  .RaieE. 1st May  9.79  
Kurt Angle (TNA 2015 & 2016) TNA 2015 & 2016 attires  CAW  .RaieE. 10th April  8.77  
Shinsuke Nakamura (NXT)   CAW  .RaieE. 1st May  9  
Roderick Strong Strong 2 attires + moveset + entrance  CAW  GaMeFReaK 22nd March  8.11  
Roderick Strong 1 attire, entrance, moveset  CAW  Bo(tch) Dallas 9th January  7.57
Matt Jackson 2 attires: BC, speckles, entrance, moveset  CAW  Bo(tch) Dallas 9th January  9.2
Kenny Omega   CAW  Bo(tch) Dallas 13th February  6.29
Johnny Mundo 2 attires, entrance, moveset  CAW  Bo(tch) Dallas 28th February  5.5
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