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  Name Details Type Creator Date Added Comments Last Comment Rating Preview
Alberto Del Rio Red attire  CAW  Crow (Eamonn120385.. 2nd November  7.78  
Jeff Hardy   CAW  Omegasentry, John .. 4th November  8  
Alberto Del Rio Alberto Del Rio  CAW  Giamsamir 5th November  8.38  
Bull Dempsey 2 Attires  CAW  GaMeFReaK 5th November  8.03  
James Storm Entrance and Moves included..  CAW  MST3Claye 6th November  7.8  
Rhyno 2 Attires  CAW  GaMeFReaK 8th November  7  
Apollo Crews Apollo Crews with his most recent NXT attire.  CAW  UncleCreepy 9th November  8.61  
Razor Ramon / Scott Hall   CAW  Omegasentry, John .. 10th November  6.89  
AJ STYLES 2 attires  CAW  Giamsamir 10th November  7.68  
Edge 2 Wrestlemania Attires  CAW  HOF Sheamus 11th November  7.8
Jeff Jarrett Comes with two attires  CAW  John christopher /.. 12th November  6  
Alex Riley   CAW  sami_nwo 13th November  4  
Crazzy Steve   CAW  sami_nwo 13th November  9.5  
Chad Gable 2 NXT Attires  CAW  ChaddyIssues 7th January  7.33
Jason Jordan 2 NXT Attires  CAW  ChaddyIssues 7th January  8.33
Eli Drake E-LI-DRAKE! Let me talk to ya!  CAW  MST3Claye 20th November  9.67  
DJ Zema Two attires: 1st - short, partly dyed hair. 2nd - dyed spiked hair (NOTE: Spiked hair model glitches with a shadow on the chest.  CAW  MST3Claye 20th November  5.67  
Kurt Angle 2 Attires  CAW  John christopher /.. 21st November  5.67  
Shinsuke Nakamura 2 Attires  CAW  GaMeFReAK_US 11th February  8.63
michael cole   CAW  sami_nwo 24th November  1  
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