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Rey Mysterio 4 Attires  CAW  Ssnake76new 28th April  10
Chyna WWF  CAW  Danielakadee 26th April  6.75
Ashley Massaro 2 Attires  CAW  Cheers2DaFW 26th April  9.33
Rockstar Spud 2 attires - current heel/black w/blue trim  CAW  MST3Claye 25th April  10  
Matt Taven 2 Attires  CAW  HiPcavallo 25th March  8.5  
Roderick Strong Strong 2 attires + moveset + entrance  CAW  GaMeFReaK 22nd March  9  
Daniel Bryan   Moveset  HarlotEffect93 19th March  6.5    
Rey Mysterio 2 Attires  CAW  WhatsTheStatus 17th March  8.29
Chris Benoit 4 Attires (WCW & WWE)  CAW  DrVries, AJSim, Th.. 17th March  9.2
D'lo Brown Attitude Era  CAW  Ernez 17th March  10
Grado 2 Attires  CAW  GaMeFReAK_US 17th March  10
Maryse 2 Attires  CAW  Cheers2DaFW 17th March  9.08
AJ Styles Two NJPW/ROH attires  CAW  HiPcavallo 15th March  8.17  
Kimber Lee 2 Attires/Moveset/Entrance  CAW  mrblacksheep008 15th March  7  
Cherry Bomb 2 Attires/Moveset/Entrance  CAW  mrblacksheep008 15th March  7  
Madison Eagles 2X Shimmer Champion  CAW  mrblacksheep008 15th March  10  
Drew Galloway TNA  CAW  Eamon120385 14th March  10
Rosemary Two attires (black/orange outfit & maroon dress) - Download the rest of Decay - search: MST3Claye  CAW  MST3Claye 11th March  10
Abyss 2 Attires  CAW  MST3Claye 11th March  5.5
Crazzy Steve Decay  CAW  MST3Claye 11th March  10
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